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Personal Growth

Our program will push our students out of their comfort zones on a daily basis and get them to set personal goals to strive towards.  

The program is designed to develop students physical skills and problem solving ability to a point where they can utilize them efficiently under pressure in a supportive environment.

This combination of support and high expectiation are meant to build confidence and self esteem as students build themselves into competent young lifeguards.

Professional Growth

Our program takes students beyond a regular job environment asking them to make split second simulated life and death decisions where they are required to act as part of a professional lifesaving  team. 


 Students will gain hands on experience working with community members and current professional lifeguards.  Their training will  build a solid base of knowledge in the safety supervision and management of aquatic facilities.


Social Growth

Through multiple volunteering opportunities in the community we engage our students in their responsibility to others. 


The networking that occurs naturally with members of the community through swim lessons , rescue demonstrations, and life guard supervision will provide direct feedback to our participants of the benefits of putting others before self.


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